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Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
A first-of-its-kind, literature review on the adverse effects of face masks titled, “Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards?” reveals there are clear, scientifically demonstrable adverse effects for mask wearers, both on psychological, social and physical levels
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Mushrooms have recently gained popularity in culinary circles, but their far-reaching therapeutic properties should get your attention for a longer and healthier life
Drinking lemon water is fast becoming a popular everyday trend among the health-conscious. Science vouches for this habit through a number of health benefits brought about by vitamin C and other protective agents in the citrus fruit
Written by Joy Fritz
Cause-of-death reporting changes the world on a micro- and macro-scale for better or worse; thus, accuracy matters
Four Strikes Against Face Masks - and Why They're Risky Four science-backed hypotheses about face masks highlight their inefficacy, lack of safety and ability to cause physiological, psychological and long-term health problems, which may culminate in immune suppression, worsened chronic disease, accelerated aging and premature death
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
The science has never been clearer: flaxseed deserves to be top of the list of the world's most powerful medicinal foods. For just pennies a day it may protect against dozens of life-threatening health conditions.
Written by GMI Reporter
Although federal government officials claim they won't be issuing vaccine passports, they could easily be adopted by various states around the country as well as businesses in the private sector
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Pomegranate, with its characteristic red arils, is small but mighty when it comes to substantial benefits to your health as a superfood
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Not only are masks not being recycled, but their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment
Onions are an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and pro-heart powerhouse that come in various colors and types. Here are five of the vegetable's important contributions to health
Written by GMI Reporter
Join the campaign as we call on the public to be the warriors fighting against censorship and elimination of truth and information put forth by CCDH
VAERS data released today showed 50,861 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,249 deaths and 7,726 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 26, 2021
Children’s Health Defense has been accused of spreading vaccine “misinformation”, but it’s the government and major media who are deceiving the public
Written by GMI Reporter
The 'European Commission' - the executive body of Europe - first published a proposal for vaccine passports on 26 April 2018, 20 months prior to the start of the COVID-19 outbreak
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
A number of elected government officials are using their positions of power to pressure tech platforms into silencing voices of the opposition, or simply those whose speech they don't agree with
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Another Tech platform -- LinkTree -- deplatforms and censors Greenmedinfo, suppresses free speech, acts as a publisher, and yet provides no specific justification for its actions.
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Sayer Ji addresses recent defamatory remarks by an organization calling itself 'The Center for Countering Digital Hate,' striking to the root issue: their attack on informed consent and freedom of information, without which ethical medicine is not possible. Please join us at, where millions of others who share our values are gathering in unity, resolve, and positive action to ensure our basic human, civil, religious, and Constitutional rights remain...
Study finds first evidence linking exposure to household chemicals to changes in the gut health of children
New research shows that the transition to retirement is marked by a sharp rise in sedentary time, which is likely to be sustained for at least two years and bring about a range of health risks and disorders
Bisphosphonate drugs are a go-to treatment for osteoporosis, but they come with a significant risk of triggering an atypical femoral fracture, especially if you use them for more than five years. Their use is controversial, particularly because bone mineral density is not an accurate measure of bone strength and fracture risk
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
This plan will result in a progressive loss of your freedom and liberty that eventually results in tyranny and slavery
The announcement last week by Rutgers University that it would require all students to get the COVID vaccine prompted CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to remind university officials that federal law prohibits mandating Emergency Use Authorization vaccines
The illusion of authoritative knowledge pervades the medical establishment and brainwashes the sleeping media
A highly-rated nonprofit vaccine safety charity has been censored by Facebook on behalf of pharmaceutical industry interests in a purge of vaccine safety information
It's called the Green Passport. We're not told to wear it, but what they have done is they have, essentially, overnight created a second-class citizenry
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
The CENSORSHIP wars continue to escalate, but the reality is that it is Big Tech, and their colluders within the medical-military-pharmaceutical complex are the ones losing, as new platforms that support freedom, health choice, and your basic human rights proliferate wildly!
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
After a globally coordinated campaign involving over 100 mainstream media outlets, 12 state attorney generals, and a Congressional hearing, to discredit, defame, vilify and otherwise deplatform a number of prominent health freedom advocates and whistleblowers, thousands of supporters have risen up to speak out against this failed attempt to divert attention from vaccine safety concerns, draconian government regulations, and the disastrous response thus far to the Covid crisis.
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Dehumanizing and violent messages -- now rampant within social media and mainstream news outlets -- targeting those exercising their Constitutionally protected health freedoms, bear concerning resemblance to previous phases of human history marred by genocide.
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
The Daily Pass, CommonPass and vaccinations are being sold as a means of increasing your freedom, but instead are slowly stripping away your personal rights
Written by Sustainable Pulse
Bayer-Monsanto have announced that they will not be asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a $20.6 million verdict awarded to former school groundskeeper, Dewayne Lee Johnson, who proved that their glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup causes cancer
Written by Ann Rosen
In this open letter to public health officials penned by Ann Rosen, a plea is made to oust the campaign to villainize critical thinking and autonomy and instead have an open discussion about public health that would serve the needs of everyone
Written by Dr. James DeMeo
"What is the hardest thing of all? That which seems the easiest. For your eyes to see, that which lies before your eyes." - Goethe
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
If early statistics are any indication, we are facing the greatest public health calamity in modern history, and we're not talking about COVID-19
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Recently, an organization calling itself "Center for Countering Digital Hate" (CCDH) published what amounts to a digital hit list targeting 11 health freedom and natural health advocates, including Sayer Ji, Kelly Brogan, MD, and contributors to our newsletter, including Barbara Loe Fisher, Christaine Northrup, MD, Bobby Kennedy Jr., and Dr. Mercola.
Written by OffGuardian
It appears the CCDH are working with others to establish the censorship grid at the heart of an emerging Technofascist State
Written by OffGuardian
Any dissent or questioning of the doctrines of the State is considered to be disinformation and is censored
We are extremely concerned about the proposed regulation will affect all travel in the Schengen Zone, for European citizens and others alike, requiring individuals to prove receipt of an experimental vaccine or submission to experimental testing
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
You may think that staying slim and eating healthfully means NO sweets, but guess what? There are natural and delicious sweeteners that won’t wreck your diet, and are even GOOD for you!
Documents obtained from Moderna reveal that the so-called vaccine being peddled by the company is actually an 'operating system'
Written by MintPress News
Using what have already become clichéd industry buzzwords like "transparency," "trust," and even "privacy," IBM’s Digital Health Pass marketing describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to "return to the activities and things they love."
Prescription drugs kill nearly fifteen times as many Americans per year than the casualty toll of domestic terrorist attacks from over thirteen years combined, but still natural alternatives are suppressed and maligned despite a growing body of evidence supporting their far greater safety and efficacy
Want to keep your brain sharp as you age? Exercising for as little as 10 minutes a few times per week can help stop mental decline in its tracks
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Mercola, and others, have been labeled a national security threat by British and American intelligence agencies that are collaborating to eliminate "anti-vaccine propaganda" from public discussion
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Sayer Ji's interview titled, "Holistic Vision of the Shift," will be going live in full on the upcoming RE:UNION summit — an event that will deeply inspire and empower you with tools to navigate these extremely promising yet challenging times.
A review of data from 87 regions worldwide found that in about 98% of the comparisons, there was no evidence that lockdowns reduced the number of COVID-19 deaths
It saddens me to see older women diagnosed with "osteopenia" or "osteoporosis" listening to their doctors and taking supplemental calcium and even problematic drugs called bisphosphonates. These are irrational, dogmatic, harmful approaches to the problem of degrading bone as we age
In October 2019, shortly before the COVID outbreak, Gates and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
It is vital to understand that the vast majority of information you are exposed to in mainstream media is carefully designed propaganda crafted from nearly two decades of stolen personal data collected from you
Written by Alison McDowell
It is vitally important that people of the world recognize how public health policy in many nations has been harnessed to global markets
When bacteria from your mouth enter your lungs, it's linked to advanced-stage lung cancer and tumor progression, a finding that raises serious questions about the long-term use of face masks, which could potentially accelerate this process. A retired pathologist also called for research into face masks' effects on nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal bacterial flora
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Only hours after responding to a digital hit list published by the "Center for Countering Digital Hate," which included GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji and his wife Kelly Brogan, M.D., Twitter deleted the GreenMedInfo account, which enjoyed 13 years of good standing.
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
An organization calling itself 'The Center for Countering Digital Hate,' has published a digital hit list of ten health freedom advocates, including Greenmedinfo founder Sayer Ji and his wife Kelly Brogan, MD, calling for their canceling/deletion from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Publicis Groupe, a global PR firm, appears to be at the center of a large network involving Big Tech, Big Pharma, the U.S. government and global nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that work in tandem to further the globalist Great Reset agenda

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