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Written by Omid Ghoreishi
Over 30,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdowns Declaration by 3 epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford elicits support and criticism
Written by Jon Rappoport
ANOTHER key architect of the COVID PCR test had no coronavirus; the whole fake COVID house is falling down. "We know exactly what we’re doing, but we have no virus available."
Written by Sally Fallon Morell
From face masks to social distancing, from antivirals to vaccines, these measures are predicated on the assumption that tiny viruses can cause serious illness, but is coronavirus contagious?
Dr. Fuellmich shares his thoughts on how the unnecessary lockdowns and other draconian measures put in place during the COVID-19 outbreak warrant a possible class-action lawsuit
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
You can heal the world, starting with your beautiful body, your beautiful life. One by one, we are waking up to the reality that human connection is the key
Written by Greg Nigh, ND, LAc
Language around Covid-19 is infused with war metaphors. In this war, as with Vietnam, we have two related "body counts" to help us understand just how badly we are losing to this viral enemy
Think you need to pound the pavement in order to obtain the benefits of exercise? Studies show yoga may be just as good as aerobics when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain
A just-accepted manuscript details an exciting new development in the fight against antibiotic resistance -- and underscores another peer-reviewed win for plant-based medicine
Cannabis may not be fully legal in the U.S., but thanks to new science on chronic pain from sickle cell disease, there is further proof of the prohibited plant's potent healing powers
Written by Jon Rappoport
The latest revelation: a serious steroid, dexamethasone
Written by Marco Cáceres
How many and what kind of adverse events should they expect from experimental COVID-19 vaccines that are only being tested on healthy adults over a short period of time?
Written by GMI Reporter
Humanity is now under attack. This attack is not from the far left or the far right. It’s from the extreme center
Sufferers of chronic pain have been faced with a perilous decision—risk a crippling addiction to opioids or find a way to live with the pain. A clinical study has focused on medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids, and the results may be a turning point towards a safe, plant-based option for easing pain
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
In this video, Sayer Ji announces the amazing one year anniversary of the non-profit, health freedom digital advocacy platform, Stand For Health Freedom, he co-founded with Leah Wilson, Esquire and Dr. Joel Bohemier
Written by GMI Reporter
The Centers for Disease Control have come out with a new estimate of the Covid infection fatality ratio and the numbers will shock you
Written by Giorgio Agamben
The limitation of freedom imposed by governments is accepted in the name of a desire for security that has been induced by the same governments that are now intervening to satisfy it
Written by Giorgio Agamben
In the modern West three great belief systems have coexisted and to some extent still coexist: Christianity, capitalism and science
Written by Alison McDowell
Whether we know it or not, when we agree to have our lives linked to blockchain, we are agreeing to live in a behaviorist panopticon
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
In this livestream, Sayer Ji touches upon the meta issues we are facing today, both as individuals and globally, focusing on Covid-19 as an event horizon for humanity, and the ontological fork in the road we are all now being asked to make a decision about which direction we will take
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Natural medicine doesn't just involve "nutraceuticals," but extends to modalities like yoga and acupuncture that an increasing body of peer-reviewed research shows can be superior to drugs
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Alison McDowell - activist and independent researcher from Philadelphia has being extensively bringing to the surface for years now the harsh reality of what the likes of the world economic forum, agenda 21 and the fourth industrial revolution has mapped out for the global population
Written by Docs 4 Open Debate
After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture - there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore
Obtaining much power from its peel or citrus rind, bitter orange is an important essential oil that can help combat anxiety and sleep difficulties in various groups, such as heart patients and postmenopausal women
Food feeds your skin, and this is clearly demonstrated by how a number of natural ingredients and herbal extracts can help reduce and prevent facial wrinkles. Here are five time-tested ways to say goodbye to those deep, unnerving wrinkles
Written by Dr. Vandana Shiva
We stand at a precipice of extinction. Will we allow our humanity to be extinguished by a greed machine that does not know limits or will we stop the machine and defend our humanity and protect life?
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
In this interview, Dr. Kaufman explores a new study published in NATURE which claims to establish COVID-19 related pathogenicity in an animal model, but which does not fulfill Koch's postulates for germ theory, and may overtly misrepresent the truth.
Health officials' 'List N' includes disinfectants approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that reportedly causes COVID-19, but that doesn't mean they've been approved as safe for humans. Now experts are worried we'll be facing a new epidemic of health problems linked to these toxic chemical exposures
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround you 24/7 could be interfering with your immune system function, even triggering allergic and inflammatory responses while interfering with your body's repair mechanisms
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
I am so excited to announce this! Behind the scenes, my beloved Kelly Brogan and I have been working to empower ourselves, amidst and with the support of our growing community (you included!) to facilitate profound healing and change in these challenging times.
The psychological side effects of acetaminophen, aka Tylenol, continue to mount, with research showing users are more likely to make risky decisions. When coupled with past research linking this supposedly safe pain reliever to blunted empathy and emotions, the widespread social effects on society could be immense
A 2020 study points to apples' ability to mediate significant gut microbial metabolic activity. All it takes: two apples a day
Consuming seven Ajwa dates each day may help prevent preeclampsia during pregnancy -- and that's just one of dates' many health benefits
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Ivor Cummins delivers a vitally important update on COVID-19. This is a must watch update on COVID death statistics, from a historical and global perspective, putting it in proper context: Ivor implores us to "Get educated guys and gals - or keep your head in the sand while your errant leaders destroy society around you."
Written by Alison McDowell
Covid-19 isn't simply a virus to be dealt with so we can move on with our lives. The response to this event is meant to instill fear and an acceptance of indefinite authoritarian measures
Written by Jonathan W. Emord
To force a person to have a foreign substance injected into their body or into the body of their child is a fundamental violation of personal autonomy
Written by Neil Z. Miller
There are 130 official ways for an infant to die (as categorized in the ICD), and one unofficial way for an infant to die: following an adverse reaction to one or more vaccines.
Grand claims are often made for GMO Bt cotton in India. Proponents point to increases in national cotton production, while Dr. Ramesh Chand of the Indian Government think tank Niti Aayog recently told BloombergQuint "there is no credible study to show any adverse impact of growing Bt cotton in the last 18 years in the country…"
The 1918 Spanish flu is said to have been one of the most highly virulent, contagious diseases of all time, but when researchers attempted to spread it from person to person -- by directly spraying "infectious" secretions into people's noses, eyes and throats -- no one got sick
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
On Sept. 5th, Sayer Ji, founder of, interviewed former death records clerk, Joy M. Fritz, on the recent controversy over the CDC's alleged admission that only 6% of the estimated 181k decedents from Covid-19 died solely as a result of infection from the virus, the misunderstandings around the CDC's reports on excess deaths, as well as long-standing problems with the way death certificates are coded and understood by the public, including the fact that may iatrogenic/...
Research highlights the potential weight loss benefit of green coffee, which describes coffee beans spared from the process of roasting that gives them their usual brown color. Besides being a cost-friendly, accessible tool for weight management, green coffee extract offers a host of benefits from maintaining your natural skin glow to controlling metabolic syndrome
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
In a sudden move without explanation, Instagram deletes's account, cutting off 90,000 subscribers...But this is likely only the beginning of a great 'Social Media Purge' anticipated to unfold as part of the highly engineered response to COVID-19
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
For those wishing to understand the specific and detailed mechanisms through which the CDC/National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) Vital Records agency have been manipulating COVID-19 death statistics to vastly over-inflate COVID death numbers, this is a must-watch video.
Written by GMI Reporter
In Colorado, SB20-163 is a bill that requires several new procedures relating to vaccine exemptions, one of which is a disturbing new tracking system
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Two major events are addressed in this livestream conducted by Sayer Ji on August 30th, including the CDC's latest COVID death statistics which show less than 10k died solely from the exposure to the virus
Written by Dr. Diane Fulton
Did you know that selenium, an essential mineral, has the ability to protect your health in multiple ways and is abundant in Brazil nuts?
Thinking about skipping your workout because of a flat mood? If you're upset, depressed or anxious, a recent study indicates that's when you need exercise the most. It's so effective for mental health, it may even speed healing for psychiatric patients
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Ivor Cummins explains how despite mainstream media claims to the contrary, the epidemic has waned and has been replaced with an irrational, unscientific Casedemic.
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
Groundbreaking research indicates that most of what we believed about the purportedly deadly properties of flu virus is based on nothing more than institutionalized superstition and myth.
Do you suffer from frequent or intense migraines? A new study on medical marijuana use shows that inhaling cannabis may be a safe way to get fewer and less painful headaches
Are you looking to support positive mental health without using pharmaceuticals? Psilocybin may be gaining mainstream acceptance by providing a safe "trip" out of desolation and into a more open, positive state of mind
Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
This must-see groundbreaking documentary features information that is found nowhere within the mainstream media, and which reveals the agendas behind the global coronavirus crisis of 2020.
Written by Brian Shilhavy
The next phase of social isolation in the name of COVID measures will be involuntary quarantines in places that have social isolation rooms

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