Cocoa and Pomegranates: The New Heroes Against Andropause (Man-O-Pause)

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For aging men watching their vitality slowly drain away each year, a proprietary botanical blend represents newfound hope of restoring lost vigor and masculinity

A new double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences evaluated a proprietary blend of pomegranate and cocoa extracts (LN18178) for relieving symptoms associated with aging in men, known as aging males' symptoms (AMS).1 AMS encompasses declining physical, psychological, and sexual function that often accompany age-related testosterone decline.2


Testosterone levels in men begin decreasing around age 30, falling 1-2% annually.3 By age 50, many men start experiencing symptoms like fatigue, mood issues, and reduced muscle mass.4 TermED "late-onset hypogonadism" reflects this age-related testosterone deficiency and its effects on men's health.

Testosterone replacement can alleviate symptoms, but has risks like prostate issues.5 Also, when you replace the hormone through exogenous sources, you can activate a negative feedback loop within the endocrine system encouraging even lowered hormone production and gland atrophy. Plant compounds provide a safer alternative for supporting healthy testosterone levels with aging. Previous studies found herbal extracts helped mitigate AMS while boosting testosterone.6,7 LN18178 combines standardized pomegranate fruit rind and cocoa seed extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.8 Early research showed muscle and testosterone benefits in young men.9

Study Results 

This study examined LN18178 in 120 men aged 36-55 with mild to moderate AMS. The LN18178 groups showed significant 15-19% decreases in total AMS scores, including psychological, somatic, and sexual domains compared to only 4.5% improvement for placebo. They also exhibited 39-48% increases in serum free and total testosterone versus baseline and placebo. Muscular strength improved 18-25% and perceived stress scores reduced 15-23% with analysis was favorable.


These results have important ramifications for menopausal health and longevity. Maintaining testosterone levels with aging via safe supplementation like LN18178 could help mitigate concerns like loss of strength and sexual function. Supportive care is increasingly vital amidst rising life expectancy and years spent in later-life stages like menopause and andropause. LN18178 may help enhance quality of life and independence for maturing men. Further research on long-term efficacy and optimal dosing will illuminate its potential against aging's multifaceted declines.  

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