A Primer on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A Primer on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

With over a million Americans diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it is important to identify natural solutions to alleviate suffering....

A Safer, Natural Approach to Treating Gliomas? The Case for Resveratrol

Imagine a natural compound, found abundantly in grapes and red wine, that could slow the growth of one of the deadliest and most treatment-resistant cancers known to medicine - glioblastoma. According to a new meta-analysis, this tantalizing prospect may be closer to reality than previously thought. The compound, resveratrol, significantly curbed tumor growth in animal models of glioma, offering hope for a safer, more natural adjunct treatment for this devastating disease.

Cancer as a Curable Metabolic Disease

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Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Flaxseed May Be a Potent Ovarian Cancer KILLER

Flaxseed: Ovarian Cancer KILLER?

Effective and safe treatments for ovarian cancer simply do not exist today within conventional medical practice. However, promising research indicates that flaxseed and at least 30 other natural substances do have potent anti-ovarian cancer properties

French “Paradox” Solved: It’s Not The Red Wine


In 1993 French researcher Serge Renaud coined the phrase "the French paradox."  He was referring to the mysterious heart health enjoyed by the French despite their high saturated fat diet.  Ever since then, people all over the world have been guzzling red wine and popping resveratrol pills in an effort to duplicate the effect.

Some 20 years later, researchers are now suggesting that rather than red wine, the secret to the French paradox may be the protective effect of their aged cheeses.

Resveratrol: A Ray of Hope in the Battle Against Oral Cancer

Resveratrol, a hidden gem in nature's pharmacopeia, emerges as a potent warrior against oral cancer, heralding a new era in natural and integrative oncology

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