Where Are the Good Doctors?

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Originally published on www.orthomolecular.org by Sarah Myhill, MBBS

There is a widely held belief amongst patients that doctors should be solely working for the patient's personal good health. This is a myth. Many doctors profit every time they order tests or prescribe drugs. And this profit is at the expense of their patient's best interests. Medicine has become a money machine driven by Big Pharma. What is terrifying now is that those few doctors who are whistle blowing on the medical profession are finding themselves blown away by their medical regulators - the very people who should be standing up for patients' rights to informed consent, bodily autonomy and medical choice.

Here in UK the rot started during the 1980s when NHS doctors were allowed to run and own their own pharmacies. Such GPs, when treating any child with a cough or cold, often prescribed paracetamol, an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. For the child's natural immunity this is a physiological disaster, but terrific for the partnership profits. Vaccination became another gravy train. Not only did doctors profit from each vaccine administered but they had targets with bonus payments if 90% of registrants were inoculated. A practice local to me would expel non-conforming patients from their lists in order to achieve the desired percentage, worth several thousand pounds. Now doctors are paid to collect statistics; many patients tell me that a consultation morphs into a gathering of weight, blood pressure and cholesterol data which is irrelevant to the immediate patient concerns.

I worked in the British NHS for twenty years. During this time I received a metaphorical wrist slapping because my prescribing costs were so low. I was using dietary and orthomolecular medicine to reverse high blood pressure, diabetes and fatigue syndromes. My patients wanted to know why they had symptoms and the mechanisms that caused their disease so that they could develop the necessary lifestyle, dietary, nutritional and detoxification regimes to allow the body to heal and repair and restore normal vitality. This meant that in my personal practice of medicine, drugs were increasingly irrelevant. But general practitioners were being judged on the size of their prescribing budget, not patient outcomes. Medical practice and education had been - and continues to be - completely dominated by Big Pharma. Diagnosis had become a tick-box exercise, management reduced to drug company generated algorithms and treatment amounted to symptom-suppressing, pill-popping. Doctors had become glorified pharmacists.

By the year 2000 I realized that I did not have the clinical freedoms that I needed to be a good doctor and so I moved to independent practice. Intellectually this was essential although financially this was not a cute move. What I did not appreciate at the time was the level of attack I would be subject to by the conventional medical establishment, spear-headed by General Medical Council.

The UK's General Medical Council is not fit for purpose

Dame Janet Smith headed the Shipman Inquiry in 2003 [1] and part of her remit was to report on the role of the General Medical Council (GMC), who failed, on at least two occasions, to stop GP Harold Shipman murdering at least 250 of his patients, possibly as many as 800! She concluded that: 'Expediency replaced principle'. [2]

Sir Liam Donaldson, the then Chief Medical Officer, echoed her concerns. He accused the Council of being 'secretive, tolerant of sub-standard practice and dominated by the professional interest, rather than that of the patient'. [3]

When subsequently asked in 2005 to review the recommendations she made for GMC reform, Dame Janet Smith concluded: 'The leopard has not changed its spots'. [4] I can confirm that this continues to be the case.

In 2021 Hampshire GP Dr Sam White was persecuted by the GMC over his concerns for the safety of the new corona virus vaccines. He insisted on giving his patients proper, informed consent. This meant advising them that the vaccines involved gene technology, were unproven and untested - indeed the whole vaccine roll-out turned all recipients into guinea pigs. In this respect he was following GMC ethical guidelines to the letter. He was suspended by the GMC on its usual 'Expediency replaced principle' ticket. He refused to follow the narrative and exercised his clinical opinion to advise his patients on the basis of biological plausibility and scientific data. He was suspended by the GMC on an 'anti-vaccine' agenda. He appealed this decision in the High Court - and won! Judge Dove ruled that doctors were entitled to freedom of clinical opinion and freedom of speech. [5]

Despite this ruling, Dr White is unable to get a job within the NHS on the 'no smoke without fire' principle. For the vast majority of doctors this loss of reputation, job and financial security spells the end to their medical careers. Doctors who do not toe the line, who do not conform with Government narratives, who do not stick to the NICE guidelines, who use their brains and act independently are at risk of losing everything. What a waste of public money! Not that the GMC cares one hoot. It has never compensated any doctor ever for wrongs done to them. Our medical lions are led by GMC donkeys.

Personal experience: 43 GMC investigations and prosecutions

I know from my personal experience that the work of the GMC continues in a haphazard, inconsistent way. I am one of the most investigated doctors in the history of the General Medical Council. GMC persecution began when I switched to working as an independent, medical doctor in 2000.

I developed a special interest in treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Indeed, I won a British Medical Association award for my book, Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalitis - it's mitochondria not hypochondria - a name that arose from original, published, peer-reviewed research I had conducted with Dr John McLaren Howard and Professor Norman Booth of Oxford University, which clearly showed how mitochondrial dysfunction was the central, pathological lesion in patients with fatigue syndromes. [6-8]

Leaving the NHS and putting all my advice freely available online on a 600+ page website [9] triggered GMC persecution. Since 2001 the GMC has investigated me on 43 occasions involving three cancelled, Fitness to Practice hearings, seven Interim Orders Hearings and one non-compliance hearing, all of which I won. 5 prosecutions still outstanding. One reason for GMC failures was iterated by GMC QC Mr Tom Kark when he stated, 'The problem with the Myhill cases is that all the patients are improved and all refuse to give witness statements.'

Nine of those investigations involved the same concerns over my recommendations to use vitamin B12 injections. These are widely used in naturopathic and orthomolecular medicine and have broad, clinical application - patients love them as a great treatment for fatigue and foggy brains. They are very safe - as a colleague commented, the only way you could kill yourself with vitamin B12 would be to drown in the stuff. The GMC disagreed. At an Interim Orders Panel hearing in April, 2010, it viewed B12 injections as a "potentially dangerous treatment" and placed sanctions on my practice, which meant that for six months I was unable to prescribe drugs. None at all. Not even an aspirin!

The GMC was and is prepared to accept any complaint from any person, from any organization, known or anonymous, regardless of its source and without making proper assessment of its authenticity, honesty, integrity or even prima facie validity.

A further example arose at my 23 December, 2010, hearing where the GMC picked up and ran with an anonymous internet report stating that I '...had assisted with the labor and birth of a pregnant family friend'. It had concerns that I was acting outside my area of expertise by working as a midwife. I am sure readers have found themselves in situations where there is something so funny that they nearly burst in their attempt to prevent themselves collapsing with laughter. So, it was for me at that hearing - I struggled to keep a straight face!

Had the GMC investigating officer been bothered to scroll down to the bottom of the page entitled, 'A Christmas Tail [sic]', concerning Mrs. Hogg living at Stable Cottage, he would have seen a picture of me with my pet pig Rosemary with eight piglets at the milk bar. A week later a Sun reporter came to my home and took pictures of me with the happy mother and babies. Yippee! Here at last was my only chance to become a 'page 3' girl. The Sun promised to publish, but never did. I have always wondered how much the GMC had paid it not to. There is even a Facebook Group named 'Rosemary Hogg' in honor of said sow!

Life after de-registration

After GMC investigation number 37, I decided to deregister from the GMC because I had found that I could be just as effective a doctor by using Naturopathic and Orthomolecular medicine. For my work in this field I was awarded an honorary diploma by the College of Naturopathic Medicine, appointed as their Clinical Director of Naturopathic Medicine and I am also their Patron. I continue to write award-winning books.

So, when, after my deregistration, the GMC launched five further investigations against me for my advocacy of nutritional supplements to prevent and treat Covid-19, I decided not to engage in the process on the grounds that if I gave it sufficient rope it would hang itself. Here are some of the issues over which the GMC prosecuted me.

Vitamin D

There is now a plethora of studies demonstrating the efficacy of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 and similar viruses. A recent study showed that having a vitamin D level above 125nmol/l (50ng/ml) affords a risk of death from Covid that is effectively zero. [10] The consensus of evidence is that a reasonable dose is 10,000 IU daily, roughly equivalent to one hour of sunshine. At this dose there has never been any complication whatsoever. Many of my colleagues recommend this dose and indeed many vitamin D preparations are available over the counter at this dose. However, the GMC 'expert' considered my advice to be 'potentially lethal' and my recommendation amounted to 'falling seriously below standard' of patient care.

Vitamin C

We also know that vitamin C is highly protective and an effective treatment for Covid and other such viruses. A multi-author report from the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service editorial board concluded that vitamin C is effective, practical, safe and prevents and treats Covid in doses of up to 50-100 grams daily. [11] A daily dose of 5 grams daily is standard. We know that vitamin C can be given intravenously in doses up to 100 grams daily with no side effects (there is one exception - people with G6DP deficiency, but this is routinely screened for in units offering IVC. There is no such problem with oral vitamin C).

But the GMC 'expert' considered my advice to be 'potentially lethal' and my recommendation amounted to 'falling seriously below standard' of patient care.


We know that iodine is directly virucidal and contact-kills microbes 19. In 1945 a breakthrough occurred when JD Stone and Sir McFarland Burnet (who went on to win a Nobel Prize for his Clonal Selection Theory) exposed mice to lethal effects of influenza viral mists. [12,13] The lethal disease was prevented by putting iodine solution on mice snouts just prior to placing them in chambers containing influenza viruses. Studies have shown the efficacy of iodine as a mouthwash, gargle and nasal spray, inactivating 99% of the virus, including Covid-19, within 90 seconds. I recommended that my patients sniff Lugol's iodine by using a salt pipe. Many attested to its simplicity and efficacy. But the GMC 'expert' considered my advice to be 'potentially lethal' and my recommendation amounted to 'falling seriously below standard' of patient care.


We know that ivermectin is highly effective in treating Covid. Dr. Tess Lawrie has documented such in doses of 0.3mgs/kg body weight for five days - see London's Queen Mary University meta-analysis [14-18] I echo this advice on my website.

But the GMC 'expert' considered my advice to be 'potentially lethal' and my recommendation amounted to 'falling seriously below standard' of patient care.


We know that wearing masks is at best ineffective against corona virus infection [19,20] and at worst increases viral loading and reduces oxygen delivery. My daughter sent me a picture of pavements in Paris with barriers so people could walk north on one side and south on the other. It was accompanied by the comment: 'Thank goodness the virus cannot travel sideways.'

But the GMC 'expert' considered my advice to be 'potentially lethal' and my recommendation amounted to 'falling seriously below standard' of patient care.

Abuse of patients' records

Perhaps the most appalling aspect of GMC investigation is its powers to take patient records without patients' knowledge or permission. I knew this because of my experience with the first 37 GMC investigations in which GPs were coerced into the illegal release of patient records. With case number 38 the GMC demanded that I release my medical records of one of my patients in order that it could take me to a Fitness to Practice Hearing. I refused. I refused to release these private and confidential medical records that I held because my patient had refused such consent. This refusal was unequivocal.

The GMC insisted that I release the records anonymised. I refused again. This was because the GMC had already purloined the NHS records and my records would have been juxtaposed with the NHS records so anonymity would be instantly lost. (The GMC's idea of anonymising records is to remove the patient's name but leave their full postal address and date of birth).

So the GMC decided to take me to a Non-Compliance hearing in Sept/Oct, 2020. This is the GMC equivalent of a prosecution for obstructing the course of justice. It employed Government adviser, Eleanor Grey, Judge and Queen's Counsel (as was, now King's Counsel) to prosecute and cross-examine me. On this occasion a dear friend, Mr Charles Taylor, had been so incensed by GMC action that he came out of retirement to represent me. He did this with great skill and aplomb and demonstrated that it was me that had complied with GMC ethics and Data Protection law. By contrast, the GMC had acted illegally. We won this hearing hands down and my patient's confidentiality was protected. [21]

So, imagine my amazement when the GMC decided to reopen this very same case and book a further Fitness to Practice Hearing to run over three months, starting in November, 2022. As with all previous GMC investigations there had been no patient complaint, indeed the patient in question, like all previous cases, had been considerably improved by my treatments. Not that the GMC cared two hoots about that.

By this time, I had been deregistered from the GMC for three years, I had not paid any GMC fees for three years, I had ceased to undergo GMC appraisal and I had allowed my GMC licence to practise to lapse. I was now working as a Naturopathic Physician. But, much more importantly, the GMC Hearing in October, 2020, itself had determined that I could not use my patient's medical records and therefore I would be unable to defend myself.

UKMFA is currently challenging the GMC's abject failure to ensure proper, informed consent for people in receipt of the Covid vaccine. [22] As I write, the walls of Jericho are tumbling down as the management of the whole coronavirus nonsense is being exposed. Instead of leaving management of new diseases to experienced doctors on the front line, technocrats, statisticians and computer modelers drove policy. Policies of lockdown, masks and vaccines have proved calamitous. Had the GMC backed frontline doctors, supported their clinical opinions and advice and kept Big Pharma out of the equation, there would have been no disastrous lockdown, no economic meltdown, and death rates from CV19 would have been no different than from other influenzas.

Established in 1858, the GMC is the oldest regulatory body in the world. I like to use analogies - had the GMC been my patient then I would diagnose senile dementia. It is about time the dinosaurs that currently constitute the GMC were replaced with members from the modern world.

In 2022, out of a total current register of 124,000 NHS doctors, nearly 10,000 deregistered from the GMC. [23] We need an ethical GMC, run by practicing doctors, free from Big Pharma control. If any reader is interested in such a project, please contact me directly at [email protected]


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