The Universal Process of Degenerative Disease & The Vital Role of The Lymphatic System

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Healing The Lymphatic System

All degenerative diseases are the result of the exact same process at the cell level, subject to the same cause and effect relationships in accordance with the same laws of nature. When the universal process of degenerative disease is revealed the idea of curing any of them makes about as much sense as claiming to cure a law of nature. Such things cannot be cured because they are governed by the omniscient and eternal forces that formed all matter in the universe. However, degenerative diseases can be reversed and eliminated naturally once we will properly consider and resolve the actual dilemmas that led to the process in the first place. We first need to understand the process though.

The medical profession loves creating distinctly differing names, and treating every disease as "a distinctly different animal" because if each one of them are that unique then they can research each of them for genetic causes and come up with more and more drugs designed to treat the most relevant symptoms for each. But at the cell level, no degenerative disease is significantly different than the simple process of natural death itself. The only differences between one degenerative disease and another is the varying complications that result as specific areas of the body cease to function properly.

During the late 1920's, the government and the military had begun researching "Death from Shock," in order to understand why soldiers were dying in battlefields from wounds which should not have been fatal. The discoveries they soon made will forever remain the most significant related to life and death at the cell level in the history of the world, and should have made headlines at any point in time — even today.

Healing The Lymphatic System

Initially, by 1930, Cecil K. Drinker discovered that contrary to previous beliefs that the capillary pores can dilate or enlarge, allowing the plasma proteins to escape into the tissue spaces with the water from the blood stream. This process serves as a way to eliminate metabolic waste under normal circumstances, yet under less ideal circumstances it can occur excessively; and due to a variety of variables, if the lymphatic system is not totally effectuated these plasma particulates can stick together and become trapped in between the cells, resulting in blockages to the circulation that constitute a process of morbidity we know as degenerative disease.

In other words, (like natural death itself) the process of degenerative disease is due to a domino effect resulting in an ever increasing level of cells running out of fuel, due to trapped plasma proteins and excess fluid building up in the spaces between the cells. Enabling the body to heal is a simple process of reestablishing the normal distribution of life-supporting fluids throughout any particular tissues of the body.

By 1948, Hymen S. Mayerson was able to calculate that half of the blood proteins escape the blood stream every twenty-four hours under normal conditions, and if not for the lymphatic system, we would literally drown to death in our own internal fluids. You can know when this process has rapidly produced even the milder forms of distributive shock to any alarming degree or extent from poison or stress, because its signs or symptoms are thirst, or dry mouth, and a subsequent loss of energy.

The plasma proteins are responsible for holding most of the water in the bloodstream, so when they get stuck in between the cells they constitute a certain degree of hindrance between the irrigating oxygenated plasma fluids, that normally diffuse across the tissues from the arterial side over to the venous side of the bloodstream. In extreme cases, distributive shock (resulting in diminished irrigation of oxygen and nutrients to any tissues) may also cause the blood stream to totally collapse because of extreme loss of fluid.

A section entitled "Death from Shock" was once published in the 1953, '56, and the 1960 edition of the Encyclopedia Americana, yet it is not in the 1970 or later editions. Somebody had to have a lot of power to get rid of the blood-protein research. But why would they start to omit such important knowledge that was initially thought to be vital information for all?

Besides trapped plasma proteins, there is little else that can clog up and drown the tissues thereby altering the optimal conditions of an otherwise healthy body to produce disease, and that revelation would take away most of the power perceived to be held by the medical establishment today.

It wasn't long before the researchers involved in this work recognized the utter significance of the lymphatic system for its role in returning these particulates back into the blood stream where they ultimately belong. So with the help of the government and the military, this team of researchers traveled worldwide (even behind the iron curtain) and identified the top doctors and scientists who had studied anything about the lymphatic system. In 1963, these people were gathered together in the home of Dr. H. S. Mayerson in New Orleans, where they began the International Society of Lymphologists.

Just before the formation of that society in 1961, Dr. Arthur C. Guyton (author of the most widely used Medical Textbook of Physiology) made a discovery he called the "Dry-State" discovery, which he described as a negative pressure condition that his studies found to exist in the crevices between each individual cell of all healthy tissues. (This author refers to this condition as the Vacuum-State). Guyton realized that only the lymphatic system could create this condition. Unfortunately, since this discovery was first published it has been pushed further and further into obscurity.

The first non-medical doctor to become a member of the ISL, Dr. C. Samuel West, in 1979, was passionately devoted to teaching people how to provide self-care and heal their own bodies. He was therefore encouraged by many of the founding members of that society to start the International Academy of Lymphology, for the purpose of teaching the research that lead to the formation of that society. Doctor West devoted all the remaining years of his life to teaching people how to heal themselves, using a science best described as Lymphatic Effectuation, but heretofore only referred to as The Art of Lymphasizing and/or Applied Lymphology.

The ISL gradually changed purposes as its newer members began to focus on more profitable genetic research. Many of the original geniuses that once formed the ISL have died or retired, or they now play a very small role, but the academy founded by Dr. C. Samuel West continues to teach The Art of Lymphasizing, blood protein research, and the science of Applied Lymphology to the lay public.

With this science it is hoped that enough people will one day understand how to at least enable the healing process to prevent, reverse, and eliminate every degenerative disease known to man — whenever possible — that the world will finally begin to take all necessary steps to enjoy a revolution in the field of health care.

In short, all pain, degenerative diseases, inflammation, infections, injuries, and even natural death share the same process of morbidity, which invariably involves an accumulation of trapped plasma proteins and excess fluids, held between the cells. If you can relieve the pain naturally by eliminating the trapped plasma proteins and excess fluid from between the cells, you can enable the body to heal whatever areas of the body that are affected. Then, if the body's feedback and response mechanisms are working to initiate a healing response, the body will begin healing.

When people finally understand the process of degenerative disease, they will obviously also understand how to mitigate and reverse that process for their own self-care, thus eliminating the morbidity or blockages to the circulation; and the result will be a restoration of the conditions that result in perfect health — the Vacuum State.

Hopefully by reading this article everyone will begin to "catch the vision of the Vacuum State" and the ability to begin acting more as their own doctors. It seems obvious why only "a small handful of people" have ever even heard about this optimal condition (which ensures the success of the blood stream): that discovery coupled with related discoveries (about the function of the lymphatic system, and the life process of every cell) reveal simple methods anyone can use to effectuate the lymphatic system, the result being conditions that are necessary for the body to function properly (or to heal).

For example, the same type of techniques one would use to heal a smashed finger might also be used to help the body heal any inflamed tissues or vital organs. And the simple fact is, that if the pain is to be relieved properly (by resolving the actual dilemmas) then the body will be able to heal itself in a remarkably short period of time.

So does anyone still wonder why numerous people may be at fault for ignoring and even trampling over the most significant process of morbidity or disease the field of epidemiology will ever know? There is evidently not enough money in teaching people how to heal their own bodies.


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