The Microbiome and the Vaccine Industry

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It's happening. Instead of fighting with nature, humans are becoming connected with the web of life. 

What was once considered sterile has been found teeming with life. This is the microbiome; inner outer space. And we are finally understanding its importance to health of all things.

The microbiome is at the base of the pyramid of life. Scientists are acknowledging it with every new paper published. New books and articles are revealing its importance to the public at large.

This includes vaccine scientists who acknowledge vaccine response hinges on the microbiome. They know vaccines can't work when confronted with intestines containing an imbalanced microbiome. A stark example is the sanitation-challenged developing world where there are no toilets and people defecate in fields. This open defecation leads to imbalanced flora and a compromised immune system where vaccines fail. Vaccines don't stand a chance of working under such circumstances because microbes dictate our immune response.

But there's still something missing.

Though the vaccine industry has fully acknowledged their products require a healthy microbiome to be effective, they haven't come forward to ask if the microbiome may also be the source of vaccine injury. If the microbiome is the solution, then perhaps it's also the problem.

But scientists aren't asking.  It's as if they aren't interested in vaccine safety. They only want to develop new vaccines and improve vaccine response. And that's pretty sad considering chronic childhood diseases on the rise and an apparent autism epidemic.

This is a desperately ironic situation. Because it seems children and adults suffering vaccine injury have imbalanced flora and really need increased immunity. They're the ones actually needing vaccines which end up hurting them, insult to injury. But the healthy children and adults with balanced flora, seemingly escaping vaccine injury, may not need vaccines to begin with! 

Shouldn't we find new ways to bolster our immune systems? Or at least create safer vaccines and vaccine protocols?

Quite unfortunately, it's not just the people with weak immune systems based on flora imbalance suffering vaccine injury. It's also people with natural flora balances based on diets their ancestors consumed for generations. Vaccines are sending their immune systems into overdrive, called hyperactive immune response, because their flora are simply doing the job better .  .  . too good, leading to injury in response to vaccination. They are attacking their own brains and bodies.

The old adage about being your own worst enemy applies to the vaccine industry. It's industrial autoimmune disease, reckless and unsustainable. We may even be shifting the human immune system permanently, down to our very genes, based on widespread vaccination campaigns.

But there is hope due to this new awareness of the microbiome. It runs the show. If we respect and foster microbial balance, instead of ignoring it to our peril, we'll have opportunity to create real health in future generations. Real health means children are born microbially balanced without need for artificial immune stimulation.  

Through new technology such as microbial DNA stool tests and organic acid urine tests for microbial metabolites, along with genetic testing including blood type, secretor status and other biomarkers, we can bolster new awareness and take steps to reduce risk of vaccine injury. For example, we know maternal and gestational diabetes increase risk of autism and are associated with high Bacteroides in meconium capable of dysregulating the infant immune system upon vaccination.

With time we may develop enough confidence to live without vaccination, in harmony with the microbial world. 

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