Health as Spiritual Warfare

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Have you had an experience recently, of trying to share information with someone who, even if they engaged with the video or article of your choice, seemed completely impervious to it? Like scientific facts and data did nothing to change their perspective?

We are entering a post-science world.

And like when wars were fought and blood was shed over seeming differences in religious doctrine, ideology, and faith -- we are now in a spiritual war, and your body is the battlefield.

What is being ushered in under the cover of a "pandemic" is the fulfillment of what was initiated with Homeland security under the cover of "terrorist attacks"…protection from an unseen enemy justifying the stripping of liberties and ever-expanding surveillance and control of the people for our "safety." In order to actualize this digital police state, we must be convinced that our bodies -- including our childrens' -- are not our own responsibility and that they (especially the most vulnerable to adverse effects among them) should be offered up for the greater good. Medical tyranny imposes unconsented medical interventions on the populace as a strategic form of bio-power and bio-governance. And these medical interventions -- be they masks, compulsory vaccination, social distancing, mandated chemotherapy, or court-ordered injected psychotropics -- represent more than simply the preferred and popularly accepted way of responding to illness. This entire system is preying on your devotion, compliance, complicity, and allegiance for it to exist. Remove that, and it withers and dessicates like the parasite it is.

And what is the nature of this war? Who is fighting who?

It may be a distraction to imagine that this is a war between free civilians and government, natural medicine and allopathy, liberals and conservatives…what I've come to conclude is that this is a war between the energy of sovereign human vitalism and dehumanizing parasitism. Yes, it's the power of the embodied human against those forces that feed off of human emotion -- chiefly fear -- to enslave and control humanity as a perpetual source of vital force energy.

The thing is that consent is the primary natural law operative in this domain of energetic combat, and, each time we give our energy over to the forces that would seek to harvest it, we are (often unwittingly, but with full volition and culpability) agreeing to that enslavement and to the associated self-violation. The thing about vampires is that you have to open the window for them…they can't come in otherwise. The subtext of that deal with the devil is, I can't do it…I trust you have what I need. And it is an illusion that you can't do it. It's the one big lie that we are enculturated around as children and that persists into our adulthood because we are never initiated beyond our helpless dependency, to our own innate power, which is far greater than most can even imagine.

Where the vampires hide

This energy is everywhere in our lives. It's a vibration of controlling, manipulative, dependent, fear driven contracts. Most of the time, they are not conscious because we rationalize, beyond our conscious awareness, the seeming necessity to give something that costs us dearly to give…our sovereignty.

It could be as seemingly benign as agreeing to attend a family holiday gathering that has required days of recovery in years past, those critical comments on Instagram that make you pause the next time you want to express yourself, or that "friend" who somehow never asks how you're doing and always has a laundry list of life grievances to process. Or it could be as toxic as your drug abusing son who is resistant to help but needs money every six months just to "get back on his feet," or that pill bottle you reluctantly open every day -- with your name on it -- that whispers something is seriously wrong with you. Parasitic energy is everywhere because a whole spiritual prison harvests the energy of fear, anger, angst, and helplessness…our predictable reflexive trauma-based behavior…in order to enslave us. But awareness, choice, and choosing to own and feel the root traumas of our programmed behaviors will set us free.

The fleas…

I'll share a personal example of the insidious nature of vampiric energy. I swore off pharmaceuticals 11 years ago for myself and my family. My husband Sayer has done the same. I'm not afraid of symptoms because I know they are an invitation to walk another turn of the spiral. I know the body can heal anything. And so medications and vaccines have no relevance to my life.

But then there's our cats. These creatures have brought many child-self programs and wounds to the surface and have inspired me to explore freedom vs safety, sovereign love, and even the ethics of animal consumption. Recently, my cats started itching. A lot. I tried "the natural stuff" including essential oils and diatomaceous earth. And, it didn't "work." When my kitty had a streak of blood on his fluffy white chin from scratching, something in me said, ok, this has to be dealt with, he's suffering.

I know how to investigate the risks of a chemical. I've subjected just about every category of human medical preparations to this scrutiny. Red flag number 1 was that I chose not to do any meaningful research into the risks of the flea chemical when considering a single-dose insecticide to "get rid of the fleas." I reasoned that my cats are fed an organic, raw diet, have never been vaccinated, and are treated energetically by healers regularly, not to mention, smothered with love by a family of 6, so they should be able to "handle" one dose. Red flag number 2 was that I didn't tell my daughters, and I planned to put the flea chemical on the cats when they weren't here. This is classic hiding behavior

So here we have a scenario wherein someone who purportedly believes in natural healing has objectified as a random nuisance, a seeming infestation with parasitic insects, rationalizing and defending as necessary to "protect" her vulnerable family members, the use of toxic chemical insecticide behind the backs of any witnesses. The costs of this behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Loss of integrity around my committed beliefs and degradation of my word
  • The ongoing energetic maintenance of the secret
  • The physical risks to the cats themselves
  • The outsourcing to the chemical industry, my power to protect and heal my pets
  • The missed opportunity to understand why this challenge is presenting itself

But what does it mean for me to "protect" my cats if not with Pharma chemicals? Well, they are kittens…they are babies…and the presence of these fleas could represent some physiologic terrain susceptibility, it could represent an energetic expression of needing more time "in the dark" which would make sense considering we just merged families and now they have four childrens' hands all over them….or it could mean something spiritual. To me, the energy of fleas or lice or parasites on a dependent animal can be seen through the archetypal lens of the human child predator, i.e., the abuser/molester/victimizer. My kitties were being violated under my roof, if you will. And instead of supporting them and truly resolving the violation, I turned toward another abusive system (the chemical industry) for help -- the very system that enculturates those doubts in me that I can't actually do it

I believe that there is a time and a place for a firm and clear, NO, you are NOT welcome here. When an adult's hand is reaching for a child's genitals, it's not the time for compassion…it's the time for a boundary. And so, I do believe that, in the meditative space, I can create that boundary of protection from invasive predators for my children and my pets. I can use visualization, I can use qi gong, and I can work to create that energetic boundary around their bodies. I can also put my intention, faith, and attention toward this challenge. I can brush them and tend to them while working to establish a harmonious correction of this imbalance.

That all-too-common procedure…

A more conventional illustration of this outsourcing of power is in infant male circumcision. Clearly there is no science that could ever justify the elective removal of a body part, be that a prophylactic mastectomy, appendectomy, tonsillectomy, or any other -ectomy. The thing about "prophylaxis" is that it is impossible to statistically prove the non-occurrence of an event. It's kind of that simple. In the hospital setting, where you have already consented to the rituals, mores, and codes of a warfare-based language about and orientation toward the human body, countless parents reflexively consent to give their newborns over to hospital staff, often after premature cord cutting in an unconscious sacrifice of their baby to, what in the abject absence of scientific evidence for justification or benefit, can only be described as the medical cult.

I know because as a medical student, I participated in the medicalized delivery of 25 babies who were little more than "outcomes" to our Ob/Gyn team, and also participated in circumcisions. I got to see first hand the babies strapped down to a Christ-like board, screaming as their genitals were "clinically" aroused, and then a metal device applied to scission off the most sensitive skin organ on their entire body. This abuse would lead, later in life, to a diminished capacity for pleasure, aberrant lubrication, and all manner of symptoms that arise from overexposure of the glans of the penis to the outside world. And this does not account for the imprint of trauma that this violation reverberates with for a lifetime. Trauma that impacts the parental marital relationship itself, as women often feel subconscious betrayal by their male partners who allowed for their bodies and the bodies of their children to be medically raped. And so the cycle continues of ritualized occultist practices hiding in the secularized domain of medicine. 

In that little shot…

And then there's vaccination, perhaps the ultimate parasite on human biology. Vaccines, premised on the idea that the body is a fragile machine that, when exposed to phantom invisible particles, succumbs to infestation and invasion without the help and protection of Mommy Medicine, Daddy Government, and their penetrative potions. Never mind what's in these vaccines…just trust that you will be "protected" if you continually offer your body, your fear, and your ongoing servitude to the germ theory model, to a biosecurity agenda that will lock us down in a digital (or actual) prison, in perpetuity. John Rapapport wrote about this topic years ago, stating:

"The ceremony of vaccination is a rite of passage for the child. He/she is now more than the offspring of the parents. The child is in the village. The child is property of the village. As the years pass, periodic booster shots reconfirm this status." Countless mothers who have given their children over to this ritual of inclusion and protection against the demonic archetypes of viruses and bacteria have awoken from this trance to the horror of their own participation in the sacrifice of their beloved child." 

And now with the multitude of potential Covid vaccines, we are faced with self-administered informed consent as information about the vaccine's adverse effect potential, its invocation of novel gene therapy messenger RNA technology and quantum dot nanocrystals that will employ Luciferase (yup, hidden in plain sight!) enzyme is widely available. Could it be that this vaccine is the ultimate gesture of spiritual capture and transhumanistic abandonment of human biology? If we are no longer genetically human, do we still have human rights?

Your favorite gadget…

And outside of the engagement of Pharma and conventional medicine, there are so many other ways in which we sacrifice ourselves to systems, individuals, and institutions that require our power to exist. There's the algorithmic AI grid itself, a network of technological tools that aims to, without human interaction, reason, or consideration, execute organizational control over our every move. No longer would we be permitted human expression like touching, dancing, laughing, or smiling, as we are slowly rendered cyborg versions of our formerly vital self. And each step of the way, we consented to our own take over with defensive considerations like "it's not a big deal to wear a mask," "better safe than sorry," and of course, the irresistible poison apple of our own self-chipping through smart phones.

Smart phones that equip us with all-day access to social media, behavioral modification programs that seek to divide us and pit us against each other for the fulfillment of the so-called Hegelian dialectic. All of this while our data -- aka our every digital move -- is harvested and commodified without our involvement or consent.

And what about the folks you're connecting to on these smart phones? Do you have any parasites in your life? My friend Dr. Christian Northrup wrote a whole book about how vampiric dynamics can destroy your life, body, and access to self. Do you have relationships that leave you drained, frustrated, and chronically walking on eggshells, but you rationalize it's easier to just comply with their demands than rock the boat? Are you afraid of someone in your life's reactivity? Do you ever feel like someone you love is living in another reality -- saying one thing one day then another the next -- leaving you with the feeling that you should be taking notes on basic occurrences? What about parasitic financial relationships where you keep finding reasons to offer money to a friend or family member who's always just around the corner from getting it together?

We are at a crossroads in human history defined by the need to reclaim our sovereignty from all of the places we are giving it away. Convenience, the quick fix, and fear-based engagement in a system that pedals poisons is no longer going to come without a steep price tag. We must get clear on our values, on what we feel is right and wrong, and on how far we will go to truly walk that walk. Do you believe that the body is randomly broken by bad genes, bad timing, and bad luck? Or do you believe in the power of the body to thrive when the conditions for vitality are set. Chief among those conditions is the unwavering belief that you have the power to heal.

Scan your lifescape -- have you made any decisions about your health and wellbeing where an energy of self-consciousness and defensiveness lingers? Is there a medication you're taking that you'd rather no one know about? Did you choose to get the flu shot because you wanted to do the right thing for others and think others should do the same? What about that bottle of Tylenol you keep in the way back of your bathroom vanity "just in case"?

The hallmark of parasitic dynamics is the "I can't…I don't have a choice" mentality of victimhood. The poor me of the child-self that feels so helpless and dependent, they are often rageful and resentful defending the abusive system they are seeking protection from. Systems of disempowerment like the conventional medical system also feed off of righteousness and virtue signaling, so take note when you find yourself rallying for the anonymous harmed individuals out there…and I do this regularly…the underprivileged, disabled, injured, and disenfranchised. There are countless "charity" organizations that funnel money into the exact underground operations that keep these very people oppressed. And that's why predatory philanthrocapitalists like Bill & Melinda Gates have invested millions into the curation of their do-gooding front for depopulation, transhumanism, and eugenics. The vampiric forces that leverage the social currency of "do it for grandmother" to capture your desire to be seen as good, to identify as the protector, and to shame others into compliance. Focus first on cleaning up your own house, then save the world.

Eleven travel tips for fighting vampirism in your own life

1. Find your no's and stick to them

Where do you draw the line? Get clear on your relationship to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals so that fear doesn't goad you into self-violation. When circumstances present themselves, hold true to your principles without making exceptions, because fear will always find the exceptions.

2. Don't outsource protection

If you are an adult, there is no one who can protect you, but you. As children, our parents were charged with that responsibility, and in many cases offered our bodies to the medical system, our minds to the educational system, and captured our spirits in obedience-oriented power dynamics. If you think the medical system -- it's screenings, vaccines, and public health measures -- is here to protect you, you've been captured through your traumas, in a web of illusion. What seems like protection is the generation of a dependent dynamic that serves the system itself.

3. Stop hiding

Where in your life are you hiding something? You know, "getting away with" not sharing, not dealing with conversation around, or otherwise making excuses for your own behavior? This hiding is sucking your vital force down a black hole. It is literally a parasite you place on your own life. And we are swimming in a sea of lies and illusions, so the truth has never been a more powerful force.

4. Check your addictions

Addictions often involve hiding. I know that I've found myself shooting off one quick message from the bathroom so that my children don't see me on my phone. Again. But my relationship to my phone is a hungry ghost that leaves me empty and ashamed. Do you have any dynamics like that in your life? Sugar, coffee, alcohol, sex? The first step is owning that you're choosing to give your power away.

5. Don't take the bait

There will be countless times that our fear of suffering and death make us vulnerable to taking the bait. The mindset of the conventional medical system is predicated on fear, and specifically on instilling fear of your body and offering to manage it into submission, for your own protection. So, you'll find the thinking that leads you to conventional medicine is often, "better safe than sorry" or "what if it gets worse" or "it was really serious so I didn't have a choice" or "just this once." Call yourself out and don't bite the witch's apple, no matter how hungry you may be.

6. Extinguish doubt

There's a nagging voice in all of us -- the skeptic -- that says, this won't work. I can't do it. I'm not powerful enough. And this voice is supported by generations of infused faith and belief in medications as a ritual endowed with the power to cure. But is it really the medications doing that job? Not according to placebo data that suggests it's, in fact, your belief in the medications. So how can you soothe that little voice that says, I can't, and begin to really expose that doubt, honor it, and then let it go. You have the power to heal. You always have.

7. Free those you love

There have been a number of people in my life that I feel emotionally dependent on. I live my life with a white noise of fear around their death and the wreckage that would be rendered in the wake of that tragedy. But does that dependency -- on my daughters, on my partner -- distort the relationship? Could it lead me to subtly control their behavior so that it aligns with my views on health and safety? I've engaged in a recent practice of working with the idea of I'll be ok if you leave and applying it to everyone and everything in my life. It may not feel true at first, but if I can get to a place where everyone is free to depart this plane on their timing, then I can love them without dependency or attachment that is more control than connection.

8. Speak the unspoken script

Our traumas have led us to dissociate and fragment off a "personality" from our essential selves. In some cases, like those operationalized by MK Ultra and Project Monarch, dissociative alters are cultivated through trauma to render celebrities and athletes controllable commodities. So how can we bring our unspoken selves into the room and heal the splits that our trauma induces? How can we get real, honest, and clear so that we are less vulnerable to manipulation and gaslighting? What if, when I am talking to a waitress in a surgical mask, I say, I feel really uncomfortable talking to you in that mask, instead of just pretending that this is normal? What if when I tell my daughter I want to speak to her, and I see that her face goes white with fear she is trying to hide, I say, wow you seem afraid…there's nothing to worry about. I love you, and we are on the same team instead of just barreling into my conversational agenda. For most of us, there is a whole ticker tape of observations and commentary, most of which are around emotional states -- our own and those of others -- that, if expressed, would pierce the veil of pretending. A veil that is in dire need of piercing.

9. Everything is meaningful

I choose to live in a world where everything has meaning and all challenges represent a spiritual opportunity to further own my self and learn to better wield the power of my attention and intention. If this is the case, the only work we have to do is to hold a strong spine -- a clear no -- while also cultivating an open heart -- a clear yes. And then all that comes will be received with empowered clarity, curiosity, and a fundamental faith that we have what it takes to move through this turn of the spiral.

10. Reclaim your attention

Reclaiming your attention means reclaiming your power. For me this looks like a daily practice of meditation, now amplified by my moving beyond life with a smart phone (follow my journey in Vital Life Project). Without the ceaseless hamster wheel of message checking and response, my mind is liberated to the here and now. The right in front of me. And I can choose to apply my focused attention at will. Try it -- if you have a symptom that is challenging you, spend 5-10 minutes a day simply focusing on that body part, holding distractions at the perimeter of your protective bubble. Simply attend, and see what happens.

11. Gather with other like-minds

While this is, undoubtedly an inside job of housekeeping around cutting cords with those who drain us -- systems and people -- it's also an opportunity to offer yourself the support of others who are walking their way home to sovereignty. Community has the capacity to hold us when we might otherwise doubt ourselves, our bodies, or the meaning of our struggles. Find people who share your values, gather, and hold the container of belief strong because it's time to grow the energetic field of possibility for what we know to be true.

Own Your Self: Get Real, Get Well, Get Free

Several years ago there was a multi-tiered campaign launched against me that involved death threats and assaults by the hundreds to every one of my digital platforms. It was provoked by my now notorious homebirth article, and the primary allegation was that I am "an ableist."

Because I believe that there is always a grain of truth in every criticism, along with a good dose of projected shadow material, I pondered that concept. And after much consideration, I've come to the conclusion that I am ready and willing to own the truth in that. I do believe that you can make the impossible possible. I do believe you will figure it out. That's why I never had a sliding scale in my practice and found that every woman who came to me, from the school teacher to the CEO, somehow found the means, the readiness, and the self-regard to invest in their own initiation to themselves. They needed a ritual to break the spell. They needed to hear me say, "there's nothing wrong with you, you're not a victim, and I know you can do this. I know you can love yourself into being through your commitment and conscious attention to self care." 

Any war is ultimately a war with the self. It's a battle with the traumatized part of us that has identified with introjected programs like "I'm broken" and "I can't" and "I don't deserve it" and "If they see me, they'll reject me" and the list goes on. These wounds operationalize behaviors that conceal them, and the behaviors are so reflexive, so automatic, that we aren't even in possession of them. We don't have a choice until we know that we do.

So we give our power away and we continue to experience the disempowerment, fear, and dependency of our child selves…until we are ready to take the wheel of our cars, and drive. This requires that we learn where our boundaries are, and we learn how to say no. It also requires that we learn how to turn towards ourselves and say yes to our own beautiful bodies with compassion, curiosity, and trust. Because victimhood is the ultimate human pathology -- it is the mental illness that seeds all manner of self-harming behaviors, relationships, and abuse.

Without victimhood, and the belief in a random universe of danger and mishap, we cannot be captured, we cannot collude with our own enslavement, and we will never feel small, helpless, or dependent again. We each have the power to render the impossible possible, and it's time to learn how to unlock that gift.

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