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The 10 Year Anniversary of GreenMedInfo!

Take advantage of our time-saving, highly-organized and comprehensive system for all your natural health research needs

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Sayer Ji introduces the new
GreenMedInfo Research Platform

Sayer Ji, Founder of


Expand the Evidence-Base Of Your Practice or Health Advocacy

"Friend, Power and Pro Memberships enable GreenMedInfo to expand and refine our offerings, and propel us toward our goal of curating a total of 100,000 biomedical research abstracts from by December 2020, which will greatly enrich the research experience and evidence-base for our Members."


Which Membership Plan is best for me?

Friend Membership

GreenMedInfo Friend Membership is perfect for the "Health Enthusiast". Those who enjoy keeping abreast of cutting edge natural health news and like the research put into practice will benefit most from this level. Friend Membership benefits include free access to our most popular eCourses and eBooks as well as daily or weekly emails which notify users of new articles, research and upcoming events. Also included is enhanced access to our Research Dashboard where users are able to search for articles and research abstracts on thousands of health and wellness topics.

Power Membership

The Power Membership is best suited for those users who work in the health and wellness field or users who have a passion for health education and awareness. Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Natural Product Industry Workers, Yoga Teachers, Body Workers and many more will all find the tools they need to assist their clients, deepen their knowledge, and elevate their practice with evidence based information. Membership includes all the benefits included in the Friend Level as well as even more search features and results in our Research Dashboard.

Pro Membership

Pro Membership provides the most comprehensive access to the features and benefits of our Research Platform. This Membership level is the ultimate in research dissemination and saves users hundreds of hours of searching, vetting and cataloging MedLine abstracts. The GreenMedInfo team spent years designing this level specifically for Physicians, Clinicians, Researchers and others in the field. In addition to the benefits in both the Friend and Power Memberships, Pro Members receive unlimited access to our catalogue of 180,000+ research PDFs worth over $250,000 in value as well as the ability to create unlimited custom searches which may then be published to PDF or web page. Pro Membership includes all the benefits included in the Power and Friend Level Memberships, as well as even more search features and results in our Research Dashboard.

We are dedicated to natural health awareness & activism

GreenMedInfo | Research Empowered Features and Content

Free Open Access

Friend Membership

$8.00 per Month $75.00 per Year (Save on Yearly Plan!)

POWER Membership

$19.00 per Month $179.00 per Year (Save on Yearly Plan!)

PRO Membership

$89.00 per Month
$849.00 per Year (Save on Yearly Plan!)
Access to all 80159+ research abstracts meticulously indexed from the US National Library of Medicine (
5800+ evidence-based health & wellness articles written by prominent practitioners & authors in natural medicine
Daily & Weekly Newsletters serving 300,000+ well-informed Subscribers with Emerging Research & Breaking Natural Health News
GMI Research Dashboard - Your new workspace for results-driven, evidence-based natural medicine research with over 10,000 health topics grouped into 8 easy to navigate categories
Sort abstract search results by date and alphabetically
Enable Print and PDF functions for articles
Bonus Gift! Access to our most popular GMI eBooks and eCourses - A $300 value
Focus Research Feature: Filter research abstracts with ease for targeted search results
New Research Alert Subscriptions
Smart Search Feature: Customize your search results by finding therapeutic substances for multiple diseases.
This powerful feature enables you to personalize the information on our site by finding therapeutic substances for multiple diseases. GMI PRO & POWER members can plug in up to 10 conditions/symptoms and receive an automatically generated report that shows the research most relevant to the conditions they choose. This tool indexes all 30,000+ study abstracts on our site and allows you to save and share the results via a custom url. Membership also provides Tokens which can used to publish these results into a professional, hard-referenced PDF document.
Enhanced Citation Generation
Special Bonus Content: Video Lectures (NEW: Sayer's Japan Talk)


Focus Research PDFs contain all available studies on two associated topics from different categories. Examples:
  • Turmeric AND Breast Cancer
  • Vaccines AND Autism
  • Interleukin-6 Downregulation AND Fish Oil
Over 180,000 PDFs valued at $250,000+ available!
Smart Search PDFs contain all available research on 2 to 5 topics in the same category. Examples:
  • Turmeric, Black Pepper AND Ginger
  • Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer AND Leukemia
  • Antioxidants, Neuro-protective Agents AND Antiviral Agents
Topic PDFs (or Downloadable Documents) contain all available research for a single topic. Examples:
  • Turmeric
  • DHA
  • Breast Cancer
  • Statins

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$8 per Month
$75 per Year


$19 per Month
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$89 per Month
$849 per Year

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Membership Free Gifts - Over $400.00 in Value!

In addition to the Member Features & Benefits, Join now and receive the following as our gift to you!

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21st Century Solutions to Depression

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Quick Start Guide: Turmeric

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The Science of Longevity

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11 Ways to Detoxify Your Mind

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14 Foods Proven to Lower Glaucoma Risk

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15 Natural Strategies

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Intentional Mov’t

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GreenMedInfo Top 6 Cancer Fighting Food

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Regenerative Powers of Turmeric

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Six Body Tissues You Can Regenerate Via Nutrition

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Six Mushroom Varieties That Can Boost Your Health

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Top Five Best and Worst Anti-Aging Substances

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Vibrant Aging eBook

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